~Musings of a forgotten shade~

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~Musings of a forgotten shade~

Post by Snow » Sun Jan 05, 2020 2:46 pm

Memories flash across the landscape, reshaping Dragonia into what it once was. Reshaping the lands and reconstructing the world that was lost. Dragonia, in all it's standing glory, with the banners and standards of all the high houses that called it home along with the day to day hustle of the people. Traders lived or died in the commons, while warriors and guards stood tall at their posts. The Stone effigy of the great goddess Dragonis watching over the city as if the silent guardian of the city.

North, the once great City of the Eternals, Mythrador shone in the distance, a reminder that the balance of the world must always be maintained. Further still, the Holy Temple of Draco-Nummos. A silent watcher in the lake, a stone spire that scratched the skies, the insides quiet with the study and worship of Dragonis and all she stood for. To the east, the Shadow Lands, home to Slivia Shadows and her disciples. North of that would be Albion, the city of the Griffons. Numbering hundreds, the archers and Griffon riders tended to their day to day Duties awaiting the orders of Alexus who sat within the keep in silent overwatch of the realm.

Events began to play like a record, yet in no particular sequence or order.

Battles of the past, for many a Journey of thousands of steps, stories unfolding, beginning and ending all in the same instant.

At the center of this, playing the scenes, stood the once Guardian of Time; Jaden.

A mist covered the land and ended the scene that unfolded before him as gold eyes shined through the mist and the mist quickly whipped away to reveal the now dead, broken landscape of reality, and standing in it a familiar crimson figure. Yet Jaden was not concerned with the presence of the Slayer of God. For at long last he understood the truth of it.

All he could do was stare for a moment.. the questioning nature of his thoughts betraying him. "... What was it all for?" His voice shakey and breaking under the intense sensation of loss.

The slayer shook his head "Does it matter now? Will the truth help you cope with the worlds situation?" The crimson warrior asked with the first concern ever showing in his voice.

Jaden spun around and stared over the blanketed, dusty landscape for a moment. "You're the will of the universe... A power that surpasses even myself or Gaia... Yet you came to destroy us..."

The Slayer came up beside Jaden, rested a foot on an elevated stone in the rubble.

"No... I was damaged by Humans long ago when their power become too much to contain... I needed time to heal and reconstitute my power... Within you I stored my power... Within the Desuri I stored my will... The rest of me. You were meant to be together for longer than you were. My power was influenced by the nature of war within Humans.. Their destruction of the Desuri and all the forsaken wars thereafter corrupted my power and turned it into the slayer of god as you called it. It was never my intent to bring about the fall of your world. But know that your world is the center of all evolution and all progress. This world is the nexus of the greater universe. The Principalities knew this and tried to stave off the destruction as long as they could... But even they were influenced by the darker nature."

Jaden's eyes dropped to the ground for a moment as he contemplated the words... Made sense as they did, he couldn't help but feel abandoned by everything still. The slayer rested an armored hand on Jaden's shoulder.

"Even I must bend the knee to destiny. I was there when Humanity rose from it's cradle. I was there when powers beyond them destroyed it and forced them to ascend the heavens in search for a new home. You were made to believe that the threat was here, on El'Mythia... The true threat lies All over the universe... An Evil that followed humans through the sea of dark to this world."

Jaden spun around and looked this being in the eyes. "Then what we fought for... Everything we sacrificed... The people that were lost... It was for nothing?

The slayer shook his head "Not for nothing... A stepping stone. The Shadow Veil yet remains, and the Crystal still remains, although in far smaller amounts than before. Destiny is not yet done with this world. The mistake made was that Humans must face their demons alone. For too long they had the Aid of the Principalities, Eternals and other forces that were not theirs to control. Those forces must now be held back and allow the people of this world to create their own fate. We can no longer interfere."

Jaden stepped away from the being and down the hill of rubble where an old standard, burried beneath the rubble, long since faded and destroyed reminded him more of the past. All he could think of at the time were the lost... The ones he was forced by this "Destiny" to take in the name Balance.



Jaden dropped to his knees. He looked back, but the Slayer was gone... Did he imagine it? Has his isolation driven him mad now? Have the depths of his despair really driven him to see the Phantoms that drove him to such fear?

He had traveled for what seemed like Eons trying to get a sense of what happened after a cataclysm. A wisp in the winds, a specter that would never be seen or heard... A Shade of what once was. But the Reality finally caught up with him.

He, like so many others now...


Once, He was a Protector...
Once, He was a Brother...
Once, he was a Savior...
Once... He was forgotten...

All it takes is once...

The cruelest fate one can suffer is to sacrifice everything, and become a lost page in history. All he fought for, and all he sacrificed was, in the end, for nothing... in vain and destined to be lost in the annals of time.


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