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Player guidelines and tips

Post by Snow » Fri Nov 23, 2018 5:39 pm

Let's start with the setting from a non-rp perspective.

A long time ago, a battle between two god-like characters destroyed a huge chunk of civilization. The world's leaders had either been killed or have vanished with no trace. The only people that survived the fight, would have been people in the furthest reaches of the world in places like Xedus or the other side of the planet. People that were so far removed from the empire, that they barely know what it was much less the religious stances of any of them. Shadow Assassins, Eternals, Shadow Silvarius... All of it is hearsay after it's all said and done.

The cities themselves, for the most part, are all Ruins, the only sign of any supernatural force having lived here is the crystal palace, and in this current culture, it's more of a monolithic structure than an actual living space for anything. There's a few banners and markings from the old world remaining in the cities, but no one knows anymore what they mean or stands for. Escaliburn itself has disappeared, Draco-Nummos is an empty shell of the temple it once was. It's sealed and cannot be opened yet.

As far as the old history goes, it's all myth and legend now. For the last 100 years, no one has seen any sign of a god or supernatural force. They grew up hearing about it, but no one has ever seen it first hand. Think of it like how we look at Nordic or Greek gods right now in this day and age. Sure there's a lot depicting these beings, but have we seen them? Has Zeus or Odin struck anyone down lately? No, we hang on to these legends as historical relics, but no one puts any faith in it. We've heard about them our whole lives, but we've never seen evidence of a physical being. But a new religion took their place. When Christianity began, it spread like wildfire, because it was more appealing to the masses. And that's exactly what's happening within Allula Currently. A new Religion is going to rise up and spread forming this singular church that will take the place of the classical god's idea.

This time the story is about rebuilding a civilization. This is Dystopia in almost every way. This is a story about the world trying to get back on it's feet. The whole point of Titao was to reset the world. It was to restart it. While that's what happened, Titao and his opponent aren't gone, they are sleeping, along with most of the old powerful characters. They are still in the world, but no one can find them. They won't be found for another 3800 years.

We're playing with an unwritten gap of history. The gap that spans Allula and Alrune Storylines. This is about How Allula becomes Alrune. If Terry or a WOA Ref comes to you and say's "Hey I need you to play something out for us" then go for it because you are helping to write a history that isn't in play yet.


Within the forums this time, we're doing something a little different. Terry and I talked about this several times over the years, but never really had a good way to implement it until now.

We're not banning the powerful characters altogether, but we are however banning them from the current point in the story. What that means for you, is that if you want to play a character that can destroy cities with a wave of their hand, That's fine, but that RP needs to be marked "LEGEND" with the topic Icon. These are RP's that won't tie into historical events.

Here's the purpose of this: Within the current story, Magic is at it's the second weakest point in history. Magic has not been this weak since the Crusades era. Story-wise, that's due to a good chunk of the Kryla Crystal having been destroyed in the battle with Titao.

The non-story purpose is that we want to make RP meaningful again. We don't want it to be a show of power, there are other RP sites for that kind of stuff. We want to be focused more on the interactions between players and their characters. We want to focus more on world building rather than having a different war every week of the year. While fighting is fun, I won't deny that, when it's excessive, it tends to become such a mess that no one else wants to play.

With that in mind, anything that you participate in that you want factoring into historical events needs to be realistic to the character. While your more than welcome to play the character you want, at this time we're only bringing a more grounded and realistic RP style into historical events. Those are the RP's you want to mark with "MAIN" in the topic.

That being said, Magic isn't gone completely, but it's limited in range and scope. Meaning Clerics can use it for healing wounds, and it can still be used offensively, but at a cost. So characters that can level cities, for instance, won't be permitted. We want players to value the life of their character, and understand that choices have consequences.

Let's say for instance that you come up against a battalion of troops. You won't be able to take them all by yourself, you might do some substantial damage to the troops if your character is especially skilled, but they'll eventually overwhelm you.

Magic has a price now. It's no longer given by the planet or principalities. The planet can supply a bit of magic to the living, but it's also something that drains on the lifeforce of the people using it. It's going to wind you, it's going to deduct performance from your character, so it should be used wisely and with purpose.

The last time Allula was live, we had too much power gaming going on, that's why interest was lost in it, and the Admin team tried to tone it back forcefully. We made the mistake of looking at it too broadly, With this method we don't have to do that, we don't need to put these huge restrictions on every player for the sake of one or two storylines, we can allow everyone to play what they want but still be able to keep stories that need to be played a certain way within it's own rules. We have a lot more in terms of capability that we didn't have last time.

So take a look at the Topic Guidlines ( before you post with your character so that you know what kind of RP to set it as. If you Do decide you want to participate in the Main story, go into it with the mindset that it's very much dystopian at this point. The survivors of Allula's apocalypse are trying to get back on their feet, feeling that the old gods abandoned them and that maybe it was all just fairy tales.


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